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IV Sedation Treatment in Centerville 

When experiencing dental pain or discomfort due to injury, infection, or impacted teeth, it is essential to seek professional treatment. For most patients, the thought of having to undergo any procedure for a dental concern is both stressful and anxiety-ridden.

At the practice of William Hagerty, DDS, our highly-skilled and compassionate dentist provides comprehensive care through carefully administered IV sedation to ensure every aspect of your treatment is relaxing.  Our sedation services are specifically tailored to guarantee a positive dental environment at our Centerville practice and to help soothe even the most apprehensive patients. 

The Benefits of Intravenous Sedation Administered by Dr. Hagerty

Dr. William Hagerty is one of the one percent of dental professionals in the US certified in IV sedation. He is specially licensed to administer this method of relaxation so that anxious patients receive the care they need and achieve healthier smiles effortlessly. 

IV or “Twilight” sedation puts patients in a sleep-like state while staying responsive. This relaxation method is ideal for those who are very nervous about their appointment or who require lengthy procedures.

Having to undergo oral surgery due to severe decay or infection can be entirely nerve-wracking. With over 30 years of treating patients, Dr. Hagerty utilizes his skill and unique qualifications to ensure completely stress-free procedures.  

Performing Painless Tooth Extractions with The Help of Twilight Sedation

Patients suffering from severe dental decay or damage and cannot have their tooth saved by root canal therapy can rest assured. Dr. Hagerty provides anxiety-free extraction procedures by administering comprehensive IV sedation treatment. 

New and existing patients visiting our Centerville practice can have the integrity of their smile preserved with the following procedures:

Wisdom Tooth Extractions- also known as third molars, these teeth can often develop improperly, resulting in a variety of oral health problems. Infection, swelling of the gum tissue around the tooth, and damage to the roots, to name a few. 

Patients experiencing discomfort due to impacted wisdom teeth can look forward to having their pain alleviated, and can expect a painless procedure as Dr. Hagerty will administer their twilight sedation prior. 

Oral Surgery Extractions- this slightly more complex procedure is recommended when a tooth has not quite broken through the gum line or has not yet fully grown into the mouth. This method of treatment is also necessary when a tooth has decayed to a severe enough state that its structure cannot be grasped with extraction instruments. 

If it is determined by Dr. Hagerty that you or a loved one are in need of this procedure, remember to breathe, there is nothing to fear. Our entire team ensures your complete comfort and relaxation while undergoing any form of treatment. 

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Dr. William Hagerty is a skilled and compassionate dental professional dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional services while establishing a positive experience with each visit. To learn more about our IV sedation method in Centerville, contact our practice!