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Dental Implant Treatment in Centerville

Dental implants are a highly successful answer for patients suffering from the repercussions of missing teeth. They are unlike any other tooth replacement solution as they completely restore teeth from root to crown. 

At the dental practice of William Hagerty, DDS, our team provides personalized, top-quality crowns to complete your dental implant treatment in Centerville. To find out how our custom-crafted caps help you regain the confidence in your smile, call our knowledgeable and friendly office today to schedule your restorative consultation.

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

Most individuals do not comprehend how bone health contributes to dental well-being. When teeth are missing, there is no root present for the jaw bone to receive the essential stimulation it needs for proper strength and resilience. Over time, this not only impacts facial aesthetics resulting in a prematurely aged appearance, but gum tissue starts to recede in a process called resorption. 

With over three decades of experience, Dr. Hagerty is an established dental professional who works closely with placement specialists to ensure you receive a precise and painless procedure. Patients are given several months for their titanium post to fuse to the jaw, creating a strong foundation for the restoration. 

Patients requiring dental implant treatment can have full confidence in their care as these prosthetics offer a multitude of benefits including:

Restore Natural Appearance
Rebuild Jawbone Structure
Completely Replace Missing Teeth 
Discreet Results
Convenient Treatment

Renewing Confidence with Personalized Crown Restorations

We utilize our well-equipped office with digital imaging to obtain an accurate impression of your dental state. This allows us with a precise impression to send to our trusted restorations lab for developing your durable, natural-looking crown. Once your artificial tooth roots have integrated into the bone, Dr. Hagerty invites you back to our Centerville office to attach your custom-crafted cap.

Patients undergoing restorative treatment have the added benefit of knowing their crowns are designed to withstand everyday use and blend with their natural, surrounding teeth.  

Contact the Dental Practice of William Hagerty, DDS for Reliable Restorations!

If you or a loved one are experiencing the repercussions of missing teeth, we encourage you to contact our compassionate and skilled Centerville dentist. Our entire team is dedicated to helping patients receive the restorative care they deserve.